Take heart with Wiley’s Finest

Bold Heart
Bold Heart

Wiley’s Finest new Bold Heart has been formulated as a convenient solution to meet daily sterol needs with a vegan formula clinically tested to lower cholesterol.

Created due to consumer demand for plant-based products to supplement medication, Bold Heart offers a highly concentrated 2g of pine tree sterols per serving and is the only water-based sterol on the market, says the brand. The easy-to-use formula comes in handy single sachets that can be mixed into both hot and cold food and liquids.

Health experts recommend consuming 2g of phytosterols per day to maintain a healthy cholesterol, but this can be difficult to achieve. By taking a sachet of Bold Heart daily, Wiley’s says consumers can reduce their LDL cholesterol by up to 10%, or when used in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise and a prescribed statin, up to 40%.

In a randomised placebo-controlled trial, the supplement produced significant reductions in LDL-cholesterol triglycerides and improvements in non-HDL-cholesterol ratios.

“We’re incredibly excited to introduce Bold Heart into the Wiley’s Finest range,” explains company CEO, Sam Wiley. “This is a unique formula unlike anything else on the market today that will help people realize a noticeable difference in their cholesterol health, and it is easy to take and incorporate into your daily life.”

The launch is being supported by a PR and advertising strategy to educate consumers on the benefits of plant sterols.