Kanabia CBD products are now available to the UK market through Kinetic Natural Product Distributor.

The two liquid tinctures available are​ CBD+ Golden Harvest Premium Full-Spectrum Cannabinoid Complex Original​ and CBD+ Infused with Supercritical C02 Turmeric Extract and Rosemary, the latter having 35mg turmeric extract and 10mg rosemary extract per serving.

Both are made using pure MCT Oil and are available in three different strengths: 250mg (30 servings at 8.4mg cannabinoids per serving); 500mg (30 servings at 16.7mg); and 1000mg (50 servings at 20mg).

Kanabia CBD+ is a full-spectrum cannabinoid complex sourced from the Golden Harvest variety of industrial hemp, which the brand claims has higher naturally occurring levels of rare cannabinoids then other varieties. The oil brings a high range of CBD, CBG, CBD-V and THC-V, while carrying 0.01% THC.

The extraction process draws out these naturally occurring cannabinoids in addition to other therapeutic compounds including terpenes and cannabis-specific flavonoids, adds the Kanabia. Golden Harvest is then blended in a base of MCT oil base for a purer taste and cognitive/digestive benefits.

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