Israeli company Cannabotech, The Botanical Pharmacy, has opened the doors to its first store, at Westfield, White City, London, to launch its unique patented formula of CBD and medicinal mushrooms, M²CBD, onto the UK market.

As well as giving customers access to its 30+ range of tinctures, topicals and capsules, the retail space aims to provide a ‘unique experience’ that combines state of the art technology to help monitor and diagnose their health with an opportunity for a free consultation with a naturopath.

“For decades, the health industry has concentrated on treating illnesses, and not on preventing them,” explains Cannabotech’s CEO and chairman Elchanan Shaked. “Cannabotech’s intention is to switch that paradigm. Instead of waiting for a bad thing to happen, we want to actively help people to prevent it from happening.

Cannabotech“We are a biomedical preventative care company that provides solutions based on science, technology and personalization. We’re confident that we’re bringing something unique to the UK – our advanced products, technologies and services offer people new ways to stay healthy.”

Dr Gemma Newman adds: “This new approach to health and wellbeing from Cannabotech marks an exciting era for consumers who not only want to feel supported on their healthcare journey, but also understand the reasons why they have been recommended a particular product. Cannabotech’s store provides consumers with all this and more, offering a truly transparent and unique data driven approach to a consumer’s health concerns.”

The brand’s store and e-commerce site are designed to bring to life the company’s ‘My-being’ programme which, over a six-month period, focuses on providing individuals with precise, personalized and data-driven preventative health product recommendations and lifestyle support.