ORGANii Arnica Gel offers relief

UK natural and organic brand ORGANii has extended its personal care range to include a soothing Arnica Gel.

Certified COSMOS Organic and certified vegan, the 50ml tube can help to cool and relax tired muscles and joints as well as offer relief for muscle pain, bites and stings, bruises, sprains, swelling and stiffness.

“As a brand, we always aim to deliver affordable, organic personal care products and the soothing Arnica Gel is no exception,” says Graeme Hume, founder and MD of ORGANii. “This all-natural and certified organic little tube really harnesses the power of nature to help speed up the body’s healing processes, ranging from assisting to clear up bruises to helping to reduce muscle pain.”

Derived from the Arnica Montana plant, arnica has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Containing helenalin, which has potent anti-inflammatory properties as well as other active ingredients, arnica can help to assist the normal healing process of the immune system.

100% of all ingredients included in the ORGANii Arnica Gel formula are natural, whilst 95% of all ingredients are organic. The gel has a smooth consistency and is easily absorbed into the skin. The Arnica Gel can be applied up to four times a day to the affected area.