Peak Focus from Viridian

Peak Focus
Peak Focus

The latest innovation from Viridian Nutrition is Peak Focus, a new natural supplement to support optimal concentration at a time when more people than ever working from home with disrupted routines and added distractions.

Peak Focus combines clinically studied organic lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) extract to help maintain good cognitive function with scientifically researched organic sage (Officinalis and Lavandulifolia) extract to help reinforce mental wellbeing and aid focus, attention and memory.

“There are many times where we need our brain to maintain concentration, alertness and mental performance,” says Viridian’s technical director Aimee Benbow. “This could be when handling pressured work environments, managing new challenges, studying for qualifications or dealing with the onset of cognitive decline.”

Stressing that the supplement is formulated from all-natural ingredients, Benbow adds: “There’s no need for chemical enhancers as scientific research shows the natural extracts of lemon balm and sage can help maintain good cognitive function.”

Peak Focus works within one to two hours and is caffeine- and sugar-free. It is suitable for those following a vegan lifestyle and is certified by the Soil Association.