New from HRi comes Teen Skin, what it says is the first UK vegan supplement specifically formulated for teenage skin health, combining 26 nutrients to tackle spots and acne.

Teen Skin includes vitamins and minerals selected to support teenage lives – taking into consideration exam/relationship stress, high sugar intake, late nights and hormone imbalance – and features a bold design to appeal to teenagers.

The ingredients include: vitamins B2, C and zinc for overall healthy teenage skin; vitamin B6 to regulate fluctuating hormone levels; chromium to balance blood glucose levels; antioxidants to help protect cells from oxidative stress; and B vitamins to combat tiredness and fatigue; grapeseed and berry extract; and a five billion live culture skin blend per dose.

“Research has shown a growing trend for exclusion diets among teenagers and young adults, yet there are relatively few supplements designed specifically for this age group to support these diet restrictions,” comments brand founder and partner Terry Gallagher. “HRI Teen Skin was created by a team of leading nutritional experts to optimize daily nutrient intake, whilst targeting skin problems typical to this stage of life.”

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