Online beauty retailer allbeauty has launched its first branded skincare line, At1, aimed at women aged 30 and over.

Using natural ingredients and with ‘sustainability at its heart’, the company says the seven-strong range is designed to offer affordable products that deliver ‘premium performance’.

The range comprises: Clarifying Foaming Cleanser; Hydrating Toning Mist; Restorative Eye Serum; Hydrate & Nourish Day Cream; Luminating Anti-Ageing Serum; Restore & Boost Night Cream; and Deep Cleansing Balm.

“At allbeauty our years of experience mean we know what consumers want from their skincare and we have a reputation for bringing customers their favourite products at market-beating prices,” comments CEO Janice Mancini. “We’ve taken an uncompromising approach to creating a luxurious yet affordable range of sustainable products that deliver results but also respect the environment. We believe that beautiful skin shouldn’t cost the earth in every sense of the word.

“We’ve been hugely mindful of the ingredients that we have used, focusing obsessively on the most effective natural options. That means some of the At1 products have lovely natural colours as opposed to gleaming white formulations and we’ve remained proudly faithful to these, rather than adding in extraneous elements to fit in with accepted norms.”

At1 packaging is designed to be as sustainable as possible and is recyclable, with all products packaged in glass containers with FSC-certified wooden lids, apart from two which have bottles made from Biobased HDPE plastic. To avoid labels and glue, printing takes place directly onto the jars and bottles and only water-based environmentally-friendly inks and varnishes are used.