Beauty Kitchen celebrates gold win at Pure Beauty Global Awards

Beauty Kitchen has won the prestigious ‘Best New Beauty Supplement’ award at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2024 for their Pure Source Collagen Gummies.

The win underscores the growing importance of sustainability within the beauty industry, and highlights the brand’s commitment to innovation and eco-friendly practices.

Jo Chidley, Co-Founder of Beauty Kitchen, expressed her excitement:

We’re thrilled that Pure Source Collagen Gummies has won the Best New Supplement Award at the Pure Beauty Awards 2024. Our revolutionary microalgae skincare delivers amazing skin benefits and when combined with our incredible returnable packaging, it’s a no brainer for efficacy and sustainability.”

The winning product, Pure Source Collagen Gummies, uses algae that is sourced from sustainable algae farming practices which are carbon positive, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen and energy in the process.

Microalgae, a single-celled organism that thrives in both fresh and saltwater environments, is recognised as an excellent natural ingredient to boost collagen production. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them an excellent source of nutrients for the skin. Studies have shown that microalgae extracts can effectively stimulate collagen production in human skin cells.

Beauty Kitchen Pure Source Collagen SPi4™ Complex Gummies are scientifically formulated to work in synergistic partnership with the serum to renew and restore visible signs of aging skin from the inside and outside, helping to maintain healthy looking skin that appears supple and firm.

In addition to the Pure Beauty Global Award win, the Pure Source Collagen Gummies have been shortlisted for Best New Beauty Supplement for Mass & Prestige Brands at the CEW Awards, and at the same awards Beauty Kitchen’s Pure Source Collagen Serum has been shortlisted for two awards: the Responsible Beauty Award for Innovation and the Responsible Beauty Award for Excellence. The winners will be announced at an event on Friday 28th June.

The range is also set to expand later in the year with a Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Cream, all of which will call upon the SPi4™ Complex to support the body’s natural collagen production, and other well-revered natural beauty ingredients such as: Sea Buckthorn, Green Tea and Probiotics, as well as Bladderwrack and Thongweed, two seaweeds that are effects skincare ingredients.