Beauty Pro launches 3D face masks

beauty pro
plastic package

Marrying what it says are two of this year’s biggest trends in mask technology, Beauty Pro has created two Lifting & Purifying 3D Clay Masks.

Offering the benefits of both a clay mask – to draw out impurities and soften skin – and a sheet mask, for quick and convenient application – the masks are suitable for all skin types and come in two pieces to comfortably cover both the T and U zone sections of the face.

Lifting 3D Clay Mask with Calamine is a mess-free clay sheet mask to help cleanse and tighten pores, lift complexion and increase skin clarity. The mask wraps around the natural contours of the face to provide a deep lifting treatment. Once applied, the mask will begin to harden and within 40 to 60 minutes it will penetrate deep into the pores to provide a thorough cleanse to leave skin feeling tighter and firmer.

Purifying 3D Clay Mask with Activated Charcoal also incorporates volcanic ash to cleanse deep into the pores to provide an intense, purifying treatment to refresh and revitalize the complexion. The mask is designed to minimize pores and leave skin feeling firm and rejuvenated.