Following a recent change of ownership, Conscious House London has announced its transformation into Scintilla (pronounced skin-til-uh), unveiling new sustainable business goals and an updated line of natural skincare.

With a name inspired by a Roman matriarch – ‘a mother figure and Earth-lover’ – Scintilla uses sustainably sourced, raw plant-based ingredients within simple formulations to ensure a little goes a long way to reduce waste and fight over-consumption, with the products ‘natural and naked’ credentials being reflected in the new brand’s logo.

The initial collection includes Fresh-Faced Cleansing Milk, Original Elderflower Lip Balm, Bergamot & Lemongrass Hand Cream, Green Clean Shampoo Melts and Reusable Make Up Wipes, as well as face cloths, candles, soaps, bath salts and a Mini Relax Box.

We want to use the power of business to amplify the conscious decisions you make

“We started with the goal of using our business to make positive change in the skincare sector, but over the last two years our knowledge has grown, we have chased new goals in our sustainability and we’ve outgrown the place we started from,” says founder and CEO of Scintilla, Rebecca Dallimore. “Because of this, whilst we’re still relatively small, we’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on our evolution and transform into something that shows where we now stand, and where we want to go from here.”

All Scintilla products are minimally wrapped in reused, recyclable or recycled packaging, and the brand’s goal is to leave ‘only the tiniest trace of a footprint from ingredients, products and company operations’.

“In a sector notorious for plastic packaging and ingredients with curiously long scientific-looking names, Scintilla aims to be a brand that goes beyond retail and is more like a vehicle for change” adds Dallimore. “As individuals it can be hard to feel that your sustainable swaps are making a difference, so we want to use the power of business to amplify the conscious decisions you make: by doing the hard work for you, by choosing the most sustainable ingredients, packaging and logistics.”

Scintilla donates 10% of its profits to the sustainable development charity SEED Madagascar and mental health charity Mind.