Organic beauty and personal care company Dr. Organic Group has invested in a new rooftop solar panel project that is predicted to generate 584,306 kWh electricity each year, saving a projected 123,260 Kg of CO² annually.

The solar panel project will make CO2 savings across the business through a range of site-wide measures including LED light installation and carbon offsetting through tree planting in cooperation with Ecologi and Lignaverda.

The largest solar panel project in the Llansamlet area of Swansea, it has seen a 1,500-panel array installed across 2,952m sq of roof space which can power 160 homes, with all excess energy generated on sunny days being exported to the National Grid.

This clean solar project forms part of our wider commitment to planet action

The system was designed and installed by Olympus Power, which also fitted two new electric vehicle charging points for staff and visitors to use when on-site at Dr. Organic’s Swansea HQ.

“At the Dr. Organic Group, our mission is to protect people and planet. This clean solar project forms part of our wider commitment to planet action,” says Bart Dobbelaere, CEO at Dr. Organic Group. “With our company and brands, we are on a journey towards greater sustainability and making a positive impact for people and planet.

“With this solar energy project and new electric vehicle charging capabilities, it’s feels like changing little stones in a river in order to change the river’s course or create a ripple effect that leads to positive changes for a more sustainable world.”

Adds Vanessa Zalman, Olympus Power general manager: “Our team are delighted to deliver this solar project with Dr. Organic for their Swansea HQ and enable a switch to renewable energy. Olympus Power have a mission to save one million tonnes of CO2 by 2025 by partnering with forward-thinking companies like Dr. Organic.”