Green People founder puts name to new collection

Age Defy+
Age Defy+

Beauty pioneer and founder of Green People Charlotte Vøhtz has launched a new signature skincare range for women aged 35 and over, using youth-boosting botanicals and scientifically tested plant actives.

Designed to promote collagen synthesis, target uneven pigmentation, reduce cell breakdown and diminish wrinkles, Age Defy+ by Cha Vøhtz currently features ten products, including:

  • Hydra-Glow Sleep Mask – an intensely hydrating leave-on sleep mask to quench thirsty skin, drawing on a blend of antioxidant-rich plant actives, vitamins and omega oils to stimulate collagen production, regenerate, balance and purify skin
  • Line Eraser Lip & Eye Serum – using plant stem cell technology to create ‘an intelligent blend’ of sea holly stem cells, baicalin and extracts of argan seed and hibiscus flower, this is formulated to visibly firm and rejuvenate ageing skin, increase cell renewal and restore elasticity
  • Contour & Sculpt Cellulite Lotion – designed to smooth, define and sculpt, this intense firming lotion is enhanced with an age-defying moisture complex rich in beech bud, green tea, ginger and pomegranate to significantly improve skin hydration and elasticity whilst sculpting the body
  • Green Beauty with Astaxanthin capsules – a synergistic blend of age-defying nutrients with strong antioxidant properties and immune-boosting superfoods.

The line is completed with: Soft Buff Skin; Purify & Hydrate Cream Cleanser; Hydrate & Renew Face & Neck Serum; Cell Enrich Facial Oil; Brightening Moisturiser; and Tinted DD Moisturiser SPF15.

“I dedicated many years to creating a range which celebrates the beauty of ageing whilst supporting the natural vitality of the skin,” says Vøhtz. “Putting my name to Age Defy+ was a natural step. It reflects where I am in my life and the personal investments I made in the creation of the range.

“These cutting-edge botanicals are designed to improve hydration, complexion and skin tone through your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. The range combines carefully selected beauty-enhancing plant actives, creating synergistic blends that work in harmony to bring your skin back into balance.”