Hey Girls says ‘Do it in your pants. Period.’ as it launches new range

Hey Girls
Hey Girls

Launching with the hashtag #doitinyourpants.period. and inspired by its customers, period product manufacture and campaigner Hey Girls has created a range of comfortable and strong, yet proudly stylish, period and wee-proof pants.

Available in six styles, two absorbencies and sizes to fit all women, the sustainable Hey Girls pants have been designed in collaboration with real women and have launched with an inspiring body-positive film.

The pants are designed to suit all body shapes – offering styles from high leg bikinis and shorties to lace panelled high waisters – and be almost indistinguishable from regular underwear.

Like all Hey Girls products, the pants are plastic-free – made from organic bamboo and certified organic cotton. They are soft, flexible and breathable, and can be worn day or night.

The pants are easily washed by hand or in a washing machine and last up to five years.

“We wanted to make our pants stylish and sexy as well as functional, comfortable and absorbent,” explains Hey Girls founder Celia Hodson. “We talked to our customers about what they would want from period underwear in a series of focus groups. One woman told us how her libido increases while she is on her period, but that most period products don’t reflect that. She wanted to feel sexy!  So we’ve made sexy and comfortable pants so that you can feel amazing and desirable, safe with the knowledge you won’t leak!”

For every pair of pants sold, the company donates a pair to someone in need in the UK.