Kids’ eco hair care from Locks in Goodness

Locks in Goodness
Locks in Goodness

Locks in Goodness has launched two 100% natural, vegan, organic and eco-friendly hair products designed for kids but suitable for the whole family.

The initial two products are:

  • Natural Hair Smoothie – a leave-in conditioner and detangler formulated to remove the toughest of knots while at simultaneously taming locks
  • Natural Hair Gel – offers great hold to style, shape and fix, keeping hairstyles in place and holding in curls

Brand founder Vicky Ashton created the products after becoming frustrated about what was on offer for her own children’s hair.

“My kids have thick, curly and tangled hair and I always dreaded hair wash days, which were full of screams and tantrums,” she explains. “I was always on the lookout for natural solutions to detangle and style their hair. I found some on the market that claimed to be natural, however, after checking the ingredients, they still contained an element of synthetic ingredients and impurities.

“Many of the ‘natural’ ingredients used have been through extensive processing and chemical change so do not even slightly resemble the original plant. Plus, the products themselves were not even that effective. This led me to the idea of creating 100% plant-based and eco- friendly hair products that really were natural, organic, vegan and contained absolutely no nasties.”

All ingredients used are minimally processed (using only green/biodegradable methods) and are approved by the Soil Association. The products contain a blend of essential oils to help prevent nits and lice and have a neutral PH, so are suitable for sensitive skin.

The hair solutions come in sustainable packaging made from renewably-sourced sugar cane which is 100% recyclable.