Living Nature introduces Ultimate Day Oil

living nature

Living Nature has launched Ultimate Day Oil, a blend of balancing, rejuvenating and nourishing certified organic oils designed to provide the nutrients skin requires for optimum health.

The blend includes rosehip and evening primrose oils, which contain essential fatty acids to aid skin regeneration and repair damaged tissue, as well as calming and rejuvenating calendula flowers infused with jojoba oil to help even out skin tone and give a healthy glow. Lavender and tangerine peel oil provide a fragrant pick-me-up and antioxidant-rich tocopherol and totarol help neutralize free radical damage.

Living Nature’s Ultimate Day Oil is ultra-fine and leaves no oily residue on the skin. Formulated for use on the face and body and suitable for all skin types, it can be used alone or added to a moisturizer for enhanced nourishment.

Ultimate Day Oil is made in New Zealand, certified natural by BDIH Germany and not tested on animals. It is vegan-friendly and packaged in a glass bottle.

Living Nature’s certified natural skin care and cosmetics range is distributed in the UK by Botanical Brands.