New from Maharishi AyurVeda comes a seven-strong range of COSMOS-certified natural face and bodycare products made using authentic ayurvedic herbs.

Produced with pure water from the Himalayas and scented with essential oils, the rich, smooth creams have natural UV protection and are enhanced with vitamin E, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for optimal moisturization.

The line includes three 3-in-1 facial creams which can be used for day, night and as a mask. Vata Skin Care Cream for normal to dry and combination skin includes ashwagandha, jasmine and rosemary extract; Pitta Skin Care Cream for normal to sensitive skin combines sandalwood, vetiver and rose extracts; and Revital Skin Care Cream for normal to mature and demanding skin uses sandalwood, vetiver and rose extracts.

Maharishi AyurVeda Skin Tonic is suitable for all skin types and is designed as a purifying, clarifying and moisturizing facial toner made with water from the Himalayas, aloe vera, witch hazel, sandalwood, Indian madder and reed extract.

There are also two Body Lotions – Vata for normal to dry skin and Pitta for normal to sensitive skin, both incorporating rosemary extract, almond oil, aloe vera and shea butter – and a Cleansing Milk for all skin types.

The products are packaged in recyclable and FSC-certified materials.


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