Ice, ice baby


Jalue has launched the Russian-inspired skincare solution Jalue Ice Cone in the UK.

Combining herbalism and cryotherapy, the Jalue Ice Cone can be used as a toner for the face, neck and décolleté. The solution involves steeping a herbal sachet – containing chamomile, sage, nettle, rose and oak bark – in boiling water for 20 minutes before pouring it into the silicone cone and freezing.

The cone is then applied using a sweeping circular motion after cleansing and before applying serum or moisturizer.

The Jalue Ice Cone is designed to de-puff the skin and boost radiance while the herbal infusion aims to calm, nourish and provide anti-ageing benefits, providing a daily, radiance-enhancing mini facial.

The ice therapy package includes four herbal mixture bags and a silicone ice cone mould.

Founded by Jale Demirchi, Jalue is set to launch further herbal skincare products in the near future.