New ethical beauty collection from Conscious House

Conscious House
Conscious House

London lifestyle brand Conscious House has introduced a new collection of 100% natural beauty products designed to show that ethical skincare can be luxurious and affordable.

The brand, co-founded by Rebecca Dallimore and Nicolle Barreiros, offers lip balms, lip tints, lip scrubs, daily face creams, overnight hand creams, body whips, body scrubs, bar soaps, face cloths and soap pouches.

Conscious House uses natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced, including jojoba, kernel, avocado, peppermint, olive oil and cocoa seed. The face cloths are made of eucalyptus fibre and the soap pouches are made of 100% plant-fibre yarn and wooden beads. Products are minimally wrapped in re-used or recycled paper, with the company working on a delivery system that is entirely carbon neutral.

“The goal of Conscious House is to provide simple, delicious, natural formulations that are a sustainable option for daily skincare essentials,” explains Dallimore. “The skincare and beauty industry is plagued with plastic packaging and toxic ingredients, as well as very expensive naturals so we sought to create affordable, plant-based alternatives that also came in responsible packaging. In this first collection, we have used ingredients that are fantastic for skin as well as being 100% biodegradable, and packaging that can be reused or completely recycled.”.

Barreiros adds: “We are passionate about supporting our fellow local businesses and sourcing our items from them. Our all-natural ingredients – including mango butter, beetroot and almond shell to name a few – are not only eco-friendly, but extremely skin-friendly too. All of our products are gentle on the skin, especially our eucalyptus face cloths and soap pouches. In its natural form, eucalyptus is soft to touch and stays that way during the wood pulp process when making the sustainable fabric, meaning that our face cloths are a pleasure to use at the end of a long day.”

10% of Conscious House profits go to two charities: SEED Madagascar, a sustainable development charity working primarily in the southeast of Madagascar, and the mental health charity Mind.