A new report by Avon – The Future of Beauty in a Post-Pandemic World – has revealed the six main beauty trends that have emerged from the pandemic.

The brand’s team of experts and scientists discovered that beauty for mind, body and soul is increasingly important to consumers, as its research found that 50% of women felt stressed or anxious at least three times a week during the pandemic, with 64% believing that beauty products could help them destress.

The report says as frugality became a reality during COVID, consumers started using fewer, but multifunctional, products. Only 10% of women now use more than five daily skincare products, with 64% of women using no more than three, indicating that ‘skinimalism’ is here to stay.

More mature consumers are also increasingly against the idea of anti-ageing as attitudes towards growing older change. Avon found that two in five women aged 55 and over don’t consider wrinkles and fine lines as one of their biggest skin insecurities. “With the pandemic increasing the awareness of the fragility of life, ageing is now considered a gift, with the attitudes to it as a beauty concern shifting – from anti to authentic ageing,” says the report.

It also found that digital transformations like app-based colour match services are on the rise as 44% of women said they found it hard to find a colour match when buying make-up or cosmetics; and vibrant colour is making a comeback as women start to ‘enjoy make-up again’ after losing confidence during the pandemic.

Finally, skincare products demonstrating evidence-based efficacy with science at their core will receive a boost, according to Avon, as people are now more likely to listen to scientific advice in the light of the success of the COVID vaccines.