Skin expert Pietro Simone is aiming to ‘define clean beauty’ through the launch of his third skincare line: FIERCE.

The sustainable unisex FIERCE collection is designed to enhance the health and wellbeing of the skin with advanced technology and natural ingredients, including bio fermentations, a bio engineered 100% stable form of vitamin C, encapsulated retinol, probiotics, pine bark extract, peptides, submicrometric gold particles and glutathione.

FIERCE addresses specific targets for both face and body, such as hormonal imbalances including conditions such as menopausal skin, acne and rosacea. The collection includes: Dewy Reboot multi-purpose serum formulated to reveal glowing, radiant skin; and FIERCE Infusion which targets redness and rosacea; and Rescue Recover & Repair for intense healing and comfort while balancing an over-stressed epidermis.

“Clean beauty to me is to identify harmful ingredients and potentially harmful ingredients and to be 100% transparent to the consumer,” explains Simone. “FIERCE is a pioneer in the beauty marketplace, as it combines clean, natural ingredients with science and technology, resulting in results driven skincare – without compromising on the sensorial experience. My dedication, through my continuous research, has led me to create this collection as homage to enhancement and epidermis support and to target multi-faceted needs of any individual in an evolved world.”

Like his two existing lines, FIERCE contains Simone’s exclusive Italian Bella Complex which supports skin regeneration. The collection contains no harmful nor potentially harmful ingredients and is free from ingredients of animal origin.