According to market research on perfume trends carried out by online retailer, 64% of fragrance consumers will be looking for vegan perfumes in 2018.

Vegetable fragrances, such as rhubarb, may also prove popular, with one in five survey participants admitting they would try a vegetable-based fragrance in 2018.

Based on current market trends, as well as a survey of its 2,400 perfume consumers, the research also showed that 80% of women want to try a unisex scent in 2018, and that there is a high interest in perfumes with ‘added benefits’ such as skincare and mood enhancements. According to the survey, the most popular added benefit for a perfume was one that was suitable for sensitive skin, with 30% of respondents showing an interest in this, with mood energising effects at 24%, mood lifting effects at 20% and added vitamins at 13%.

Other trends that fragrance consumers were reported to be looking forward to were luxury fragrances and minimalist bottles.

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