Eco pads from Wear ‘Em Out

Wear 'Em Out
Wear 'Em Out

Wear ‘Em Out is a new line of UK-manufactured reusable period pads designed to be good for body, planet and purse.

There are four sizes available – Mini, Medium, Mega and Mega-Mega – as well as a wash-bag for using the pads while out and about. Made from breathable fabrics with double-binding edges, the chemical-free pads are designed to block leaks, while still allowing moisture to evaporate.

The brand also offers a post-birth pack; pads suitable for post-menopausal women or those experiencing incontinence; a teen gift box to introduce the idea of sustainable periods to young girls; and educational packs for learning environments.

If properly taken care of, the easy-to-wash pads should last for up to four years, says the brand, on average costing 40% less than using single-use sanitary products over four years.

Wear ‘Em Out founder Lauren Derrett says she set out to provide a comfortable yet classy period solution after learning that a single disposable sanitary towel or tampon takes up to 800 years to degrade.

“I’ve created a pretty darn cool, totally reliable and efficient reusable pad for you to use when you period,” she says. “It’s for all you eco-curious, modern women out there. It’s time to pave the way, set new trends, cross new boundaries, be the influence, all while contributing to our shared home, our innocent and affected planet.”