As part of its mission to make periods sustainable, acceptable and accessible to all – and following its launch of the world first Reusable Tampon Applicator – DAME has ‘redesigned the period pad for the 21st Century’ with the introduction of its new reusable products.

Designed to be softer, thinner, drier and more comfortable, the DAME Reusable Period Pads are also greener – reusing them saves up to 2,000 plastic disposables, over 40-times the carbon emissions and up to 60% cost, states DAME.

The creation of the pads was backed by the Government through Innovate UK, and by designing each step with its community through conversations about common failures of disposable pads, the brand says the pads are the result of ‘true collaboration’.

The pads have super-fast wicking using the patent-pending DAME dry core – a breathable construction designed to draw moisture away quickly and maintain comfort – and are naturally soft, featuring a hybrid layer of natural materials, Lyocell and organic cotton.

Their high absorbency is achieved through 4D fabric technology which holds ten times its weight in two seconds and keeps liquid locked in even when scrunched, and their leakproof nature comes from a watertight security backing built into the fabric, which also keeps the pads very thin.

DAME Reusable Period Pads also have stretch wings stop to keep them in place even when active, and built-in antimicrobials and stain proofing help keep the pads clean and odour-free.

The brand has also created an innovative Dry Bag to store and carry around used or new pads. Inspired by performance sports technology, the roll-top design is odour-tight, airtight and watertight and doubles up as a rinsing station. Just add water and let the reusable pads soak before popping them in the washing machine, with or without the bag. Pre-soaking means the pads don’t have to be washed separately.

We’re delighted to launch our reusable pad – a 21st redesign of the most used period product on Earth

“The sheer volume of plastic in disposable pads is enough to warrant a rethink,” explains DAME co-founder Alec Mills. “But when our community told us wearing them often felt like wearing nappies, and current reusables look like kids pyjamas, we thought we could do better. If something’s going to be worn for seven years over a lifetime, we think it should be soft, thin and feel invisible. This belief governed every step of our design journey. We’re delighted to launch our reusable pad – a 21st Century redesign of the most used period product on Earth.”

Adds co-founder Celia Pool: “I always found using pads a really demoralizing experience. From the rustling sound between my legs, the plasticky feel against my skin, the weird smell of synthetic florals, just, no. As soon as I discovered tampons I was off. But road-testing DAME’s new reusable pads felt like a totally different ball game. Not only do they feel soft against your skin, but they reduce plastic waste and your carbon footprint. There is also a financial saving to the user over its lifetime, empowering DAME to tackle period poverty head on – an issue very close to my heart.”