Online eco-friendly retailer EcoVibe has announced that through its partnership with the Rainforest Trust it has saved 1,563 acres of threatened tropical rainforest and habitats.

Since the partnership started in November 2020, the retailer has donated a percentage of every £1 spent on its website to the environmental charity, which in turn saves six square metres of rainforest each time.

“We chose to partner with the Rainforest Trust as they get to the heart of the issue,” explains EcoVibe managing director Stacey Skidmore. “Their work protects endangered wildlife and threatened tropical forests, working directly with conservationists and local communities to see real results. Deforestation rates are not slowing down and so we plan to continue this partnership for the foreseeable future.”

Having a positive impact on our planet is at the heart of our brand

The Rainforest Trust states that the donations from EcoVibe have enabled it to place threatened rainforests and tropical habitats under permanent protection.

EcoVibe is seeking additional partnerships with environmental charities, specifically those with a focus on cleaning oceans and combatting plastic pollution. “Having a positive impact on our planet is at the heart of our brand and our collections help people make positive changes to their everyday lives,” adds Skidmore.