“Choose certified organic textiles – say no to greenwashing.” That’s the slogan of the newly launched Organic Textile Week.

Running from 15-21 May, Organic Textile Week is a first-of-its-kind awareness campaign from the Organic Trade Board (OTB) and GOTS, dedicated to raising the profile of certified organic textiles in the UK.

This celebration will not only promote certified organic textiles but educate consumers about greenwashing in the textiles industry, and empower shoppers and industry professionals alike to make informed decisions.

During Organic Textile Week the organizers will be sharing the results of a survey which dives into the British psyche, discovering what the public think of organic textiles, revealing how informed they are about the risks of greenwashing in textiles, and finding out which actions they would be willing to take to avoid it.

Say no to greenwashing, choose organic – go for GOTS

The OTB confirms there will be a number of online and offline activities taking place including roundtables, competitions and social media takeovers. Participating brands include Natracare, People Tree, My Little Green Wardrobe, Bamford, de Le Cuona, Greenfibres, and Organyc, chosen in partnership with Soil Association Certification to highlight brands offering clothing for adults and children, and textiles for personal care and the home.

“We are all working together towards a more sustainable lifestyle, where even a small choice can make a huge positive difference,” says the OTB. “Certified organic textiles can help make a positive impact on the environment, workers, animals and also our personal wellbeing. We are inviting consumers and industry professionals to join the movement. Say no to greenwashing, choose organic – go for GOTS.”