Awake Organics sets up the #ZeroWaste500Club

Natural and organic beauty brand Awake Organics has introduced a new circular packaging programme called the #ZeroWaste500Club.

The free returns programme works just like a refill service, with Awake Organics making use of existing, daily Royal Mail services. Customers are able to use the free postage and packing materials supplied with each new order to return empties from their previous order, earning discounts in the process.

Inspired by customer demand, waste management and global warming issues, as well as growing consumer mistrust of the recycling industry, the #ZeroWaste500Club is open to all direct customers based in the UK.

“Our customers were asking to send back their jars,” explains Awake Organics’ director Melissa Kimbell (pictured). “They didn’t want to throw them in recycling because they were still perfectly good. They were also unsure whether packaging in their blue bin was actually being recycled and not shipped to a third world country for dumping. They wanted a sustainable alternative they could trust, so we created one.”

The plan is for the company to pilot the programme for 12 months, refurbishing and recirculating a minimum of 500 jars, thus reducing CO2 emissions – that would otherwise be generated to produce and transport new glass – by 4.3 tonnes or more.

“We’re doing our part to push the industry away from packaging over-production and a linear economy,” she adds. “I believe our programme will help pave the way for change on a larger scale.”