To coincide with Veganuary, Better Nature has rebranded its range to celebrate the benefits of tempeh, positioning it not as a meat alternative but as ‘an extraordinary food in its own right’.

The revamp includes fresh packaging across all products and a completely new brand identity designed to highlight tempeh as a dietary staple for those seeking more natural and unprocessed foods.

As part of the move, Better Nature has introduced three updated products – Tempeh Mince, BBQ Strips and Curry Bites – and has announced that its entire offer will be launching in Selfridges.

“We are thrilled to be launching with Selfridges in the New Year and have more exciting listings in the pipeline that we cannot wait to share in the coming months,” comments Better Nature’s CEO Christopher Kong. “We are embracing tempeh for being the unique and extraordinary food it is, not as an alternative, and are ready to get more and more people eating it in the UK and world over.”

Away from retail, Better Nature has expanded its range with recipe box service Mindful Chef, partnered with meal delivery companies Lion’s Prep and Feelgood Kitchen, and is launching its foodservice line with UK-based distributor Collectiv Food.

In addition, the brand has announced it is donating 1% of its revenues to the 1000 Days Fund to help provide training and education around healthy eating and nutrition in Indonesian communities, as well as improve access to foods such as tempeh.

We are incredibly excited to support the 1000 Days Fund to improve the wellbeing of children across Indonesia

“Since launching Better Nature in 2020, our mission has always been to help people live healthier and happier lives through making tempeh more widely accessible,” says Kong. “With our rebrand and our updated assortment of all-natural, super-nutritious and accessibly priced tempeh products, we are in a stronger position than ever to deliver on our mission and to lead the tempeh category in UK retail and to give back to those that need our help the most. We are incredibly excited to support the 1000 Days Fund to improve the wellbeing of children across Indonesia, not least with the help of naturally nutritious tempeh.”

Adds Maritta Rastuti, director of communications at 1000 Days Fund: “We’re very thankful for Better Nature’s commitment to donate 1% of its total revenues to help support the wellbeing of mothers and children in the most rural villages and islands in Indonesia. Better Nature’s commitment will mean a lot to Indonesian families and children in places that need them most.”