BetterYou gels with magnesium


As it celebrates its tenth year, BetterYou has launched a new MagnesiumGel, boasting, says the brand, the most concentrated gel/magnesium content on the market.

As an extension to its transdermal magnesium range, the BetterYou MagnesiumGel provides 100mg of elemental magnesium for every 1ml of gel. In a single teaspoon this would be 500mg.

Formulated for ease of use and targeted application for the consumer, the gel uses a pure source of magnesium mined from an ancient seabed a mile below ground and guaranteed free of man-made pollutants.

“MagnesiumGel is an exciting new extension to the transdermal magnesium range offering the customer targeted application and sustained delivery through the skin, meaning the magnesium absorption begins instantly,” says Andrew Thomas, co-founder and MD of BetterYou.

“As a company, we try not to change our base ingredient when developing new products. So, for the MagnesiumGel, we take the MagnesiumOil and add a gelling agent – nothing else.

“We’re trying to get elemental magnesium into people’s bodies, but what we’re also trying to do is to increase convenience and customer compliance. We’re trying to do it in the most effective way possible. We’ll keep on developing and innovating products to help people elevate magnesium. Transdermal is the fastest way of elevating magnesium and much faster than any other sort of traditional supplementation. It’s something that we’re very passionate about.”

The gel is suitable for children and for use during pregnancy.