Biofach: Spotting the latest organic food trends

Neuheitenstand - Best New Product Award

From Siberian cedar nuts to turmeric latte, rare variety popcorn to gourmet truffle oil, this year’s Biofach show had all bases covered on the new product front.

The ‘hero herb’ of 2016, turmeric, continues to turn up in surprising and unexpected places. For example, Nua Naturals was showing off its new Turmeric Latte products in Ginger & Spice and Cacao variants. Or if you prefer turmeric in your rice gnochetti, Terra Sana had just the thing for you.

Retail buyers looking for pasta with a difference were seriously spoilt for choice. Mr Bio’s Pelmeni (dumpling) Organic Pasta Pouches were particularly enticing. For a free-from twist, Terra Sana offered Oats Fusilli and Goodel boasted a Quinoa Pasta.

The veggie protein trend is still in full flight, with protein flours currently flavour of the moment. Bio Planete was showing off its Walnut, Pumkin Seed and Flax Seed lines , while Schneekoppe offered a new Organic Linseed Flour. And just when you think the popcorn craze might be waning, along come gourmet, ‘rare variety’ popcorn – Ruby Red or Blue Diamond (from Biofactor) anyone?

Staying with the organic gourmet theme, Natur Compagnie offered distinctly upscale organic drinking bouillon in Rocking Veggie and Hot Ginger variants. BioGourmet’s colourful grain, pulse and spice mixes meanwhile were almost a work of art. Raising the culinary stakes still futher, Bio Planete showcased a beautifully refined Olive Oil & Truffel Oil.

And then there were the superfoods – everywhere. You could start the day with Health Link’s Bohemian Superfood Breakfast, and maybe sprinkle some Essence of Africa Baobab Fruit Powder into your first latte of the morning (with, or without turmeric). Mid morning snack? – Organic Nori Snack, or Organic Seaweed Crisps from Kulau both fitted bill. And for an unusual cooking ingredients for dinner, Siberian Cedar Flakes stood out.

Picture: The spectacular Novelties feature at this year’s Biofach  event