CELIA: beer without the bloat


Two handcrafted Czech organic, gluten-free lagers have been introduced to the UK through the Carlsberg-owned brand CELIA.

CELIA Lager is a wheat- and gluten-free lager made using three simple ingredients: malt, hops and water.

The lager is made using traditional batch brewing techniques and a natural carbonation process, combining 100% Saaz hops, Moravian malt sourced from the Bohemian region and locally-sourced water from the Zatec foothills.

This process produces what the company describes as a non-bloating, refreshing lager with a delicate bitterness and a hint of citrus and grass to give a clean finish.

Also available is CELIA Dark Lager, made using the same process but using toffee Bavarian malt. It is described as densely black with an almost ruby red hue and undertones of rye bread with a slightly nutty, caramel flavour.