Quoats creates porridge pots with a difference


Quoats is a new range of porridge pots made using British grown quinoa, oats and flax and aimed at those wanting a nutritious breakfast on-the-go.

Quoats are available in three flavours with no added sugar – Original, Coconut & Raspberry and Date & Pecan – and come in 60g pots. They are ready to eat in three minutes after boiling water is added.

Commenting on the launch of the brand, co-founder Jen Kent said: “Superfoods and high protein grains and seeds such as flax, quinoa and oats have a large presence in my daily diet. Rob and I both have farming links and with such a huge interest in provenance and traceability in the UK market, we understand how important it is to source our ingredients from the very best farms. We actively visited, networked and hand picked our farmers to source our British quinoa, oats and flax from.”

There are already lots of oat based breakfast products on the market but we wanted to add value to our product and do something unique – therefore we added flax and quinoa into the mix,” added Rob Barker, Kent’s partner. “And Quoats isn’t just a breakfast product – it can be a healthy snack for throughout the day. There is currently enormous media exposure about the amount of sugar in UK diets and with obesity being a growing concern, we feel the ‘no added sugar’ aspect will be a real attraction to the Quoats product – with each pot being packed with natural goodness. Taste is our absolute priority, which is why we’ve developed our three initial flavours after many months of testing, critiquing, adjusting and improving – and now we have something we’re extremely proud of. Jen’s passion for healthy eating, partnered with my curiosity with niche crops led us to develop Quoats – and we believe it’s a really exciting product for the health conscious consumer.”