9BAR: faster than the speed of light

Following its recent brand refresh, 9BAR has embarked upon the next stage of its association with clean energy charity SolarAid charity, launching Speed of Light September.

Speed of Light September will see 9BAR encouraging consumers to buy solar lights for as little as £3 each via the Speed of Light online platform for families in Africa, with the ultimate aim of eradicating the dangerous kerosene lamp in Africa by 2020.

9BAR will spread the word about the event through online marketing and PR activity.

The website shows where each donation goes and who has been helped, and gives a referral code that can be shared on social media to encourage friends and colleagues to sign up too. In return, throughout September anyone who signs up will get a 20% discount code for the new-look 9BAR range via the site. As more people sign up using a referral code, a map shows the impact the network has on African communities.

This latest activity stems from the new 9BAR campaign, to give ‘Good Energy Twice’.

“We’re delighted to be supporting SolarAid and Speed of Light September,” said Mark Gould, CEO of Wholebake. “By the end of September 2015 we estimate that 9BAR will have donated 16,500 solar lights, benefitting over 100,000 people, with approximately 9,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions averted and over 20 million extra hours study provided for children who would previously had to stop studying at dark. This will save a total of £2 million collectively for families who previously had to rely on kerosene lamps, leading to improved health for over 60,000 people and providing a reduced risk of fire and burns.”