Better Food appoints new MD

better food 1

Bristol-based retailer Better Food has appointed Russell Bloomfield as its new managing director.

Having grown up on a farm and with a wealth of experience in retail markets, the company believes that Russell offer the ideal set of skills and expertise at what is an exciting time for Better Food. Sophie Laggan, the retailer’s content assistant, says: “After a 20-year career with Costco, Russell’s energy and passion saw his development quickly progress through the business, working across the UK and as a key figure during Costco’s expansion into Australia. We are delighted that he has taken the bold step to channel this knowledge into Better Food.”

Commenting on his appointment, Bloomfield adds: “The opportunity to become MD of Better Food was a real head turner for me – I quickly saw the passion and spirit of this business and knew a role with Better Food was the ideal environment for me. I have a huge respect for the work Phil Haughton has done, as the company founder; he has built a thriving business that genuinely contributes to the local community and challenges others to meet their high standards of ethics. Phil will be an important mentor to me as I weave into the business and the communities that Better Food serves, and I am full of excitement for the journey ahead.”

Over the festive period, Better Food is donating unsold food dated 25 and 26 December to the homelessness charity Emmaus. The food will be used as part of a Christmas meal that it is preparing for their formerly homeless residents of Shaftesbury House in Bristol.

“This is a great example of the projects we love to get involved in. Waste in retail is always a challenge, so finding ways to use it to benefit our community is important to us. During these cold months especially, this work comes more into focus,” explains Russell. “This type of contribution must happen throughout the year and is a challenge we strive to tackle as no good food should be wasted.”