A new range of coconut vinegar-based hot sauces from Buko has launched onto UK shelves and is claimed to be a world first.

The offer comprises: Regular, incorporating the sweetness of organic coconut sap and the intense heat of red chilli; Tangy, featuring organic coconut balsamic for a tangy edge; and Fiery for those who like an extra hot kick to their food.

The sauces are designed to provide all the benefits of coconut vinegar in a tasty and convenient format.

Director Aled Morris explains: “We’ve used Mother of Vinegar made from eight-month fermented coconut sap in all the sauces, not just for its host of nutritional benefits, but because it also adds a unique sweet tanginess, which makes them stand out from the crowd and gives them extended versatility, above regular hot sauces. Beyond being used as a simple and tasty condiment, they also add an exotic twist to salad dressings, marinades and sauces.”

The sauces are based on traditional recipes from the Philippines, where coconut vinegar is used as the base for various dishes, and Morris believes they will appeal to UK consumers as the demand for Asian cuisine continues to grow.

“It’s clear there’s an ever growing demand for this kind of Asian food and so bringing a more authentic sauce to the market makes a lot of sense and we feel people will enjoy the added complexity of flavour that the subtle sweetness of the coconut vinegar brings. The fact that the vinegar happens to link into the popularity of coconut products and their health benefits is just an added bonus.”

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