Can I help you at all? – Harry Hill takes to the tills

Harry Hill has taken his turn behind the till at Oxfam in London ’s Kensington High Street to encourage Oxfam shoppers to buy the Harry’s Nuts! range of Fairtrade nut products.

Harry’s Nuts! is the successful Fairtrade nuts brand developed by Harry and Fairtrade nut company Liberation Foods. Harry makes no money from this – he came up with the idea to help smallholder peanut farmers in Malawi sell their crops in the UK for a guaranteed fair price – and not at the roadside in Malawi or for a low price at the local market.

As well as being on sale in 200 Oxfam stores the products are also available at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, The People’s Supermarket and other outlets.

The peanuts come from farming groups in Malawi , Mozambique and Nicaragua . The cashews are from smallholder farms in Mozambique and India .