Cawston Press bigs up the veg

Following on from the success of its Brilliant Beetroot juice (originally intended as a seasonal product but now a permanent feature), Cawston Press has launched two new pressed veg and apple juice blends: Incredible Carrot and Terrific Tomato.

Available in 750ml Tetrapaks, Terrific Tomato combines 51% tomato juice with 40% of Cawston’s signature apple juice, a drop of warming chilli, a little salt and 5% pressed celery root juice; and Incredible Carrot is made using 68% carrot juice blended with 30% apple juice and 2% lemon juice.

“Micah, our master blender, was quick off the mark in predicting the current upsurge in savoury flavours and these two vegetable-led juices consolidate our strong position in this sector,” commented Dan Broughton, Cawston’s sales director. “Brilliant Beetroot’s set a very high standard in terms of sales and we are equally confident of the new juices’ impact.”