Digestive Mix, the remix

Conscious Food is celebrating the official re-launch of its best- selling Digestive Mix, as d’mix.

The company has been working on redeveloping the product for the past six months and will officially re-launch d’mix at Natural & Organic Products Europe (7-8 April, Olympia, London).

“We have built up a base of more than 5,000 satisfied customers, but with more than £126 million spent annually on indigestion remedies, we know that there are many more potential customers for this product,”explains Kristina Locke from Conscious Food.

This proprietary blend of eight herbs and seeds has been specifically formulated to aid and assist the digestive process. Developed by expert herbal and Ayurvedic doctors in India, d’mix is described as “the first Ayurvedic product that naturally targets digestive problems”.

The newly rebranded d’mix was launched to consumers earlier this year with a campaign focused on the importance of chewing. “The action of chewing is not just important for breaking down and activating ingredients, it is also what kick-starts the whole digestive process,” explains d’mix ambassador, Dr Sarah Brewer. “d’mix has been shown to relieve a variety of digestive problems, just from chewing this specific blend of herbs and seeds, providing real hope to sufferers who are forced to endure everyday digestive discomfort.”

d’mix has an RRP £19.99 and is supplied packed in cases of six cartons. Each carton contains a 30-day supply.