‘Don’t gamble with health’ – author urges NPE

Respected health journalist Jerome Burne explained to a busy seminar session at Natural & Organic Products Europe how relying on prescription drugs can mean gambling with health.

“Two hundred people need to take a statin for one to be beneficial,” he said.

“At 200 to 1 that’s a gamble with the body that I believe doesn’t show very good odds.”

“By 65 the average person is getting five-a-day – but it’s likely to be five types of prescription drugs rather than fruits and vegetables.”

At the session, held with Patrick Holford to promote their book on healthy ageing, he spoke about how many drugs prescribed to older people can actually hinder health rather than boost it. Conversely, evidence shows natural approaches appear to pay dividends. He cited a recent survey that found even simple lifestyle changes – such as cutting out smoking, eating five-a-day and getting exercise – extend life.

“These lifestyle approaches are additive too,” he said. “The more of them you take the more good things happen.”