Earth Friendly achieves total carbon neutrality

Green cleaning specialist Earth Friendly Products says it has achieved total carbon neutrality after three years of carbon reduction initiatives and global sustainability policy across its manufacturing processes.

Carbon initiatives include switching to 100% renewable electricity, largely through roof top solar panels. Combined carbon reduction efforts mean Earth Friendly now helps avoid up to 53,843,434 lbs of CO2 annually. Then company continues to reduce emissions through additional energy-efficiency projects, education to encourage individuals to change their behaviour and leadership that creates paths for other businesses to follow.

Dr Van Vlahakis, Founder and CEO of Earth Friendly Products said, ‘I have made it our top priority to produce effective, affordable green cleaning solutions for people to keep their homes and families safe and spotless while protecting our precious environment. It is a dream come true that my team has been able to continue our mission while at the same time managing to essentially erase our operations’ carbon footprint

Lois Clark of Earth Friendly Products EU Distributors says: “This really sets the Earth Friendly Products green cleaning range apart from its competitors. From field to customer, our products are carbon neutral and we are especially proud to proclaim this on every bottle that we sell.”