‘Embrace new technology’ – H&B boss advises NPE

Holland & Barrett CEO Peter Aldis urged health store owners to embrace technology that brings them closer to their customers at an inspiring Natural & Organic Products Europe seminar session.

In his presentation he spoke about using the internet to offer access to nutritionists around the clock in an ‘omni-channel’ future.

“Whether we’re doing video advice or nutritional profiling we want customers to have access to nutritionists all the time by email, phone or text,” he said.

“Information will be key. We can now build a more sophisticated one-to-one relationship with customers to keep them coming back.”

Aldis also spoke about his frustrations when supermarkets come in and adopt innovative products broken by independent health stores.

“We have successfully innovated only for innovations to be copied by Boots or the supermarkets. But you have to move and and find new innovations.”

Holland & Barrett wants to work with the whole of the industry,” he added.

“We all believe in the same things and we need to get back at the supermarkets for stealing our trade.”