Fish4Ever rated most ethical canned fish firm

Sustainable canned fish company Fish4Ever has achieved the highest score of any British canned fish provider in the Ethical Consumer Ethical Canned Fish report.

The report in the May/June issue of Ethical Consumer magazine highlights the important issues faced by fish suppliers and manufacturers including the need for sustainability and ethical work practices.

MD Charles Redfern says: “We feel that what this study shows is the integral nature of an ethical approach – you cannot pick and choose one or two elements and ignore others. For example we are against long distance trawler fishing because even if their methods are sustainable and by-catch is at a minimum they still cause damage to local communities and that has to be addressed and remedied before they beginning to be acceptable

“Another example is the issue of land pollution and how using non-organic land ingredients can impact on the seas – pesticides can leach from agriculture into rivers and then into the sea. It is all connected, as shown by the recent oil spill in America

“You have to be ethical comprehensively, which means for a canned fish supplier you must think of everything from your support of local business communities down to your office electricity provider.”