Five Minutes With: Adam Garcia

Adam Garcia is a dancer, singer and actor. As well as leading roles in films such as Coyote  Ugly, and West End productions of Saturday Night Fever and Grease, Adam is a judge on SKY 1’s Got To Dance. He also has a lifelong interest in the natural world and recently agreed to be brand ambassador for the Mune range of natural, immune-boosting drinks. Natural Products talked with him on the Mune stand at Natural & Organic Products Europe.

How did you get involved with Mune?

I’ve known Derek Sanders (Mune founder), for about 15 years. Derek told me about the Mune range of drinks he was developing and he asked me if I’d be part of the taste testing process. I was delighted to get involved. The products are great, so I’ve been very happy to get behind them — and to be here at Natural & Organic Products Europe.  It was a perfect confluence of mechanisms to get involved — our long friendship, and my interest in living healthily and in natural foods, and the natural environment.

What role does nutrition play in your life?

As a dancer and an athlete, nutrition is pretty important to me. If I could sum up my general approach I’d have to quote old adage, the cleaner the fuel, the better the engine runs. So I’ll always look for clean, pure foods where I can, and avoid additives.

How far back does your interest in environment issues go?

My interest in the environment and the natural world really goes right back to my childhood in Australia. It’s shaped my whole outlook. To me, the conceit that we have to think that we can manage whole environments, whole oceans, is just nonsensical. Of course scientific curiosity and investigation is something we should celebrate, but the danger is when science becomes dogma. We should learn from natural systems, not try to dominate them.

How do these views affect your day-to-day life?

I’m very conscious about the impact of our own modern lifestyles. I think a positive way to look at this is to think about end results, and how you can modify them at a personal level. A lot can be achieved on a micro scale.

How is your schedule looking?

I’ve just been back to the States, where I’m filming a two-part TV series. And later this year we start on the third series of Got To Dance. So it’s buysing up again!

What keeps you grounded?

It’s my passion for Nature — for which I probably have to thank David Attenborough — that anchors me.