Functional tea gets smarter with t-plus

Tea Plus

A new range of functional teas, t-plus, has launched onto the market as the first vitamin-enriched teas in the UK, in a bid to offer a new ‘super tea’ that makes living a healthier life that little bit easier.

The teas combines green tea leaf with vitamins, fruit and herbs in four varieties tailored for specific effects: Multi Vitamin, Boost, Detox and Immunity.

The range is 100% natural and made with hand-picked Sri Lankan green tea, with each bag containing your daily dose of heart-friendly antioxidants.

“We wanted to create the perfect blend of vitamin-enriched green and fruit teas, that not only taste good, but that also does some good,” explained James Dawson, founder of t plus drinks. “We have been on quite a journey developing and perfecting our unique new range of teas that are all natural, as well as healthy and functional. The mission was worth it. They really are little bags of wellness – packed with healthy fuel!”