Give it some Gusto!

New to shelves this year come Gusto Organic Energy Sparkling Original and Gusto Organic Energy Sparkling Lemonade – drinks designed to relieve hangovers, boost energy levels and fight colds.

Developed in the kitchen of Craig Sams and described as “stimulation and wellbeing in a little green bottle”, the drinks combine a variety of botanicals and are sweetened with organic apple juice.

Gusto Energy Lemonade uses Sicilian lemons enhanced with the health benefits of astralagus – which is used in Chinese medicine for pain relief and as an anti-ageing remedy as well as having anti-bacterial and anti-viral pro-properties –lemongrass to relieve coughs and nasal congestion, and Siberian ginseng to stimulate the immune system.

Gusto Organic Energy Sparkling Original comprises 14 botanical extracts and essential oils selected to aid concentration and sharpen the mind, including guarana, an effective antidote to headaches and migraines that also provides a sustained energy boost. Panax and Siberian ginseng are added to boost the immune system and make this “the ultimate party tonic for a big night out and a calm morning after.”

The drinks can be used as energy-boosting refreshments on their own or as mixers.