G’NOSH expands gourmet range

G’NOSH has introduced Meals in Minutes and Pinchos to its modern eating ‘gourmet nosh’ range.

Meals in Minutes aim to revolutionize part-scratch cooking with three varieties created by award-winning G’NOSH founder and food and drink entrepreneur Charlotte Knight.

The offer consists of Piquant Prawn & Chorizo in a Spicy Tomato Sauce combining Ecuadorian prawns and paprika spiced pork; Mussels & Prawns in a Garlic Butter Sauce; and a slow-cooked Italian Sausage Ragu.

The tapas-style Pinchos combine prawns and chorizo with a lemon and chilli dressing and can be eaten hot or cold.

The company’s original range consists of four dips: Roasted Red Pepper; Sweet Black Bean; Smoky Roasted Aubergine Babaghanoush; and Beetroot and Mint.