Head of Divine Chocolate cooperative meets with Jimmy Carter

Christiana Ohene-Agyare, the first woman president of the biggest cocoa cooperative in Africa Kuapa Kokoo, has met with former US President Jimmy Carter in Plains, Georgia

The meeting, which was specially arranged at Jimmy Carter’s local church, was an opportunity to share knowledge about development and farming in Ghana – where the Carter Foundation already has a track record of positive support. Ms Ohene-Agyare was in USA for the board meeting of Divine Chocolate Inc, the chocolate company co-owned by her Ghanaian cocoa farmers’ cooperative.

The Carter Center was set up by the former President in 1982 driven by a commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering.  In Ghana the Center has been working to eradicate Guinea Worm, and has worked as an independent observer of the election process.

Christiana Ohene-Agyare said she appreciated the opportunity to meet President Carter, and commented: “I was glad I was able to explain how I am an example of Kuapa Kokoo’s enlightened view on women empowerment, and how our organisation benefits from its democratic principles.  He was also interested to hear that we own our own successful chocolate company – a first for cocoa farmers.”