JooMo has enhanced its 100% natural Honey & Orange Face Wash and relaunched it in conjunction with the company’s new-look packaging.

The two in one cleanser and moisturizer for young skin still uses JooMo’s signature original skin repair system SaponinJ but has been refined to create a product which has been formulated to be richer, thicker and more moisturizing.

SaponinJ is a specially balanced formula of saponins, essential oils, sea salt, natural sugars, natural pH modifiers, natural antioxidants, natural softeners and emollients.

“Customer feedback is really important to us,” commented Linda Russell, co-founder of JooMo, “and it has played a huge part in the development of our new product. We’ve responded to feedback by formulating an ‘enhanced’ face wash with a gentler aroma which is even safer and kinder for sensitive young skin than JooMo original. And our ‘new look’ packaging completes the change.”

The face wash is designed to prevent a range of skin problems including spots, rashes, cold sores, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, and to actively repair the damage caused by additives in mainstream skincare products.

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