Mr Organic rolls out non-BPA tins

Mr Organic has announced a breakthrough in the creation of non-BPA lined tins for its organic chopped tomatoes.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a carbon-based synthetic compound that is used to stop contamination and spoilage once a product has been canned. However, research has linked it to a variety of health problems.

Mr Organic has been working with its tin supplier to create a non-BPA lined tin, which retains the quality, taste and colour of its Italian tomatoes.

Vincent Taverner, marketing director at Mr Organic, comments: “BPA in tins, unless you consume 500lbs of it every day in your lifetime, is not harmful to humans. Each tin contains miniscule amounts.  Having said that, we’d much rather have a pure product for our customers.  So we’ve taken on their feedback and developed this tin.  We’re immensely proud.”

The new tins started to be rolled out at the end of May.