Mr Organic has introduced its first two rice varieties and extended its range of vegan pestos.

Mr Organic’s initial rice offer comprises Indica Brown Rice and Venere Black Rice, both in 500g packs. Venere Black Rice is grown by a small number of farmers in the Po River Valley of Italy and has a distinctive deep purple-black colour due to its dense concentration of anthocyanin antioxidants. With a mild nutty taste (flagged up by Nigella Lawson) it is versatile, working well as a substitute for risotto rice, or to add protein and fibre to soup, salads or rice pudding.

“The addition of the rice cements our commitment to bringing consumers healthy, ethical but inarguably enjoyable food. Each rice tastes so much more satisfying than refined white rice and provides a significant contribution to the eaters’ nutritional intake,” said Aisha Paris Smith, Mr Organic brand manager.

The company plans to increase the rice range to four by the end of 2015.

Mr Organic’s Red Pepper Pesto is an extension of the brand’s pesto range which was made suitable for vegans last year, and is produced using more than 40% of red peppers, and no dairy or high-fat nuts.

Nuts and Parmesan are replaced with potato and tofu for the pesto crunch and creaminess. The pesto has nearly half the fat and 65% less saturated fats than the current most-purchased Red Pepper Pesto and boasts 30% less salt and 40% less calories per serving.

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