New study proves Dr Chris correct on allergen blocker

TV doctor, Dr Chris Steele MBE, says he always knew that the HayMax barrier balm would be able to trap house dust and cat allergens. Now, new research from the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit (NPARU) has shown that his first instincts were right.

HayMax was developed by hayfever sufferer Max Wiseberg for his own hayfever, and is widely used as a pollen barrier. Dr Chris Steele is a big fan and has recommended the product four times on ITV1’s This Morning. He has always thought that HayMax™ would work well for dust and pet allergies.

Wisberg was cautious in promoting HayMax for this purpose until he had proof that it could trap these airborne allergens. The new report fromm NPARU provides the evidence.

The study shows that HayMax pollen barrier balm – already been proven to block pollen – is now proven to trap house dust mite droppings and cat dander, the most common triggers of indoor allergy symptoms

• HayMax™ retails at £6.99 for a 5ml pot, giving retailers a 32% margin.